Jan Robert Leegte
Ornaments (Rotterdam II)
Ornaments (Rotterdam II), 2009
sculpture / installations

(2009) Ornaments (Rotterdam II)
(2008) Inverted Relief on Door
(2008) Gentle Breeze
(2008) The Silent Ornamental Revolution
(2006) ornaments (Alexandria)
(2006) untitled work
(2006) selections
(2006+ cassette ceiling
(2006) selections
(2006) selection
(2006) untitled (ornaments)
(2006) Three Spaces
(2005) untitled work
(2005) wall panelling
(2005) xerox waves
(2005) scrollbar composition
(2004) untitled work
(2004) scrollbars
(2004) scrollbars
(2003) scrollbars
(2003) untitled work
(2002) scrollbar
(2002) untitled performance
(2002) untitled work
(1999) untitled work
(1999) floor piece
(1999) scotch tape
(1999) untitled work
(1998) seclusion
(1998) untitled work
online studies / software

(2009) Breath
(2008) Blue Monochrome
(2008) Text Document out of Focus
(2008) Software out of Focus
(2008) The Internet Overexposed
(2008) Overexposed Software
(2005) air column
(2005) plaque
(2005) three buttons
(2004) relief study[2]
(2004) relief study[1]
(2004) w139
(2004) software study
(2004) mousecloud
(2003) mousepointer
(2003) untitled[wood and button]
(2003) untitled
(2003) untitled[software]
(2001) untitled[tryptich]
(2001) untitled[numbers]
(2001) untitled[rgb]
(2001) untitled[swing]
(2000) untitled[shower]>[pavu.com]
(2000) untitled[seagreen]
(2000) untitled[spheres]
(2000) untitled[etoys]
(2000) untitled[rhizome]
(2000) untitled[playboy]
(2000) untitled[altavista]
(2000) untitled[hotmail]
(2000) untitled[scrollbars]
(1999) untitled[tires]
(1999) dyptich (right panel)
(1999) untitled[frameborder]
(1999) untitled
(1998) untitled[trying]
(1998) untilted[scrollbars]
(1998) untitled[html]
(1998) untitled[email]
(1998) the anatomy of bliss
(1997) untitled[scan]
(1997) untitled[scrollbars]
other media

(2006) Selections
(2005) Cronica product no.5
(2002) MTV mobile Japan
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Feature in Varoom Magazine by Silvia Baumgart
...Leegte's work appears deeply familiar - so familiar we hardly notice it. But it is also deeply skewed and off-kilter. He mixes the drab aestethics of on-screen interfaces with a warped functionality that makes him an image-maker for the 21st century. ... [more]

'The Silent Ornamental Revolution'
...And suddenly there is space for the ornament to redefine itself. So what if you could inject some of the old Romanticism into the ornament? Let us switch the roles round. Let the curly frame be the protagonist and the Romantic the backstage crew. Let the people look at the ornament and start wondering, grow silent and even feel fear. ... [more]

Interview J.R. Leegte by Peter Luining
...When typing a code and seeing its effects later you address an existing object and command it to act in a certain way, after which you yourself have to move to its space to see what has happened. By using code you give a validation of autonomy to the final work. And in my case I would say even a physical validation. Code introduced me to a new environment in which I could create sculptural installations as I had done previously. ... [more]

Three buttons reviewed at neural.it

Interview in the Metro UK

Review Medialounge show on log.organised.info.

Mousepointer reviewed at neural.it
cassette ceiling
cassette ceiling, 2007

'Unfinished Business'
...Within the last years, younger generations of artists around the world seem less bothered by bounding history. They have resurfaced embracing the form, yet also emphasizing on the aspect of process in their work. For them the modernist experiment has untouched horizons to be explored. [more]

'The Anatomy of the Now'
...The now has been dissected by five artists who each in a separate space present an installation. The artists will be cutting into the fabric of the moment, each with their own specialisation. The spatial experience, the fleeting of time, and experience itself will be put in question. The Anatomy of the Now is a romantic exhibition stripped down to the core. ... [more]
Text Document out of Focus
Text Document out of Focus, 2008
update: 23.04.2009     

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Breath, 2009

(04/2009) Breath added to online studies / software. (Premiered at the 'Reverse Engineering' show curated by Harm van den Dorpel at the Capricious Space in NY.
(04/2009) Catalogue of "Unifinished Business" presented at Arti et Amicitiae.
(03/2009) Groupshow "Sensored Pornography" at the Service Garage.
(02/2009) Groupshow "Contemporary Semantics Beta" at Arti et Amicitiae.
(11/2008) Blue Monochrome added to online studies / software.
(11/2008) Text Document out of Focus added to online studies / software.
(11/2008) As The Internet Overexposed winks at Constant Dullaart's the disagreeing internet, I just recently stumbled upon a tribute to my work, check out Harm van den Dorpel's YouTube Ornament (tribute to Jan Robert Leegte)
(09/2008) Software out of Focus added to online studies / software.
(09/2008) The Internet Overexposed and Overexposed Software
added to online studies / software.
(06/2008) Showing "flashlights" at Hans Bakker at the Zwaanshals open galleries.
(05/2008) Large groupshow "Unfinished Business" on contemporary dutch abstact art opening on Thursday at the Kuenstverein Medienturm in Graz. Curated by Jan Maarten Voskuil and myself. Check the documentation here
(04/2008) First time showing work solely together with my sister Lynne Leegte in the beautiful Grunerie.
(03/2008) The project in Alexandria has been completed, see the documentation here.
(11/2006) An article published in the London based magazine 'Varoom', issue number 2. Check it out.
(09/2006) A new selection composition is on show at the exhibition "Toekenningen 031" at the Dutch Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture, Amsterdam, NL.
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'Fluid Architectures', groupshow
Montevideo, NIMK, Amsterdam, NL

'Aura', groupshow
Castrum Peregrini, Amsterdam, NL

'Reverse Engineering: The Uncurated Reuniun', group netshow

'Censored Pornography', groupshow
De Service Garage, Amsterdam, NL

'Contempory Semantics Beta, a delicious day', groupshow
Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, NL

'Jan Robert Leegte', solo / installation
DeWasserette, Rotterdam, NL

Silent Ornamental Revolution
The Silent Ornamental Revolution, 2008
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