The Silent Ornamental Revolution is a public art project in Alexandria, Egypt, that uses a series of minimal posters created by Jan Robert Leegte based on his work and text developed in Vienna in 2006. It builds on the idea of the ornament as "sublime" intervention, the ornaments Leegte readapts are derived from popular computer interfaces such as the Windows operating system. The works made in 2006 were video collages simulation ideas of ornamental interventions. The project in Alexandria is a true intervention, using modular posters to build endless ornamental patterns. There will be two types of posters, one based on the artist’s "selection" series, and the other going right down to his "scrollbar" series, using bevels. Basically any urban structure will be selectable, and any surface can be transformed to a minimal or hysterically ornamented facade. Art students from Alexandria will play a vital role in assisting Leegte with this series of interventions in public space. Links to the original text by Leegte can be found here.

All images except the atelier wall photo's by Mohamed Mansour.